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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 1, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze the military is bringing in help to restore power for victims of sandy. from california to new york loaded with equipment and crews. let's look at pictures of devastation to homes and businesses on the new jersey shore overwhelming. millions of homes are without power. pg&e is helping to provide some of the equipment. the death toll is at least 70. people living in the damaged areas are going to need that help right away. it should arrive sometime this afternoon. katie marzullo is going to
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join news a moment. look at these live pictures. you can see so many homes have been devastated. the weather came up over the new jersey shore. people have a long way to go for recovery. >> reporter: the defense department says it is flying 17 aircraft from california to new york, that aircraft is loaded with power generation equipment that is going to help crews get the lights back. utility officials in new york say they are on track to get the power back in manhattan by saturday. wheels of recovery are turning slowly. look at the line for buses in brooklyn, six blocks long and growing. commute hovering at four hours. new york is better than other states. all three airports are open. flights limited. subways and ferries running, limit. homeland secretary napolitano is touring today. >> we need to be here, working closely together. we need to be helping peep get
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back in their homes. we need to be helping communities -- -- get restored. we need to make sure the infrastructure of the state is made whole. >> reporter: in atlantic city the power still out residents are running low on supplies. spirits are crushed by the loss of the boardwalk. >> most people are grateful that it didn't wash away the entire community. >> reporter: elsewhere in new jersey hissing sounds from broken natural gas pipelines have made many fearful more fires could erupt. >> everywhere you go you here hissing, the open gaslines going. i'm scared to death. >> reporter: no hoboken national guard delivering meals and slice to 20,000 stranded in -- and supplies to 20,000 stranded in their homes. >> right now the people we
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just spoke with they are doing well they are going to be needing an influx of food and water. >> reporter: the total economic damage from super storm sandy could run as high as 50 billion dollars according to new estimates from the forecasting firm. katie marzullo, abc7 news. two heroes of the superstorm just landed at san francisco international airport this morning. this couple is in the bay area for the happiest of occasions, leaving behind one of the saddest experiences of their lives. terry mcsweeney wroeupbs us thrive from the airport with a story you will see only on seven. >> reporter: this is a couple, husband and wife both in the medical profession. she a nurse she was told to stay home the night sandy hit but drove three hours the next morning to take care of victims. he is a doctor working in the intensive care unit the night sandy hit in the middle of it when the lights out.
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they are in the bay area for a wedding in sonoma county, a couple days removed from one of the most straightning days of our lives. dawn is a nurse at mount sinai. >> i was there during 9/11. this is on par not with the loss of people, with the jen -- the general loss of homes and you very sad there now. >> reporter: the doctor works in new york medical center's intensive care unit. he was there sunday night. >> half my effort was spent running around managing ventilators and life support and making sure they were up and running power didn't come back until yesterday afternoon. it blakes -- it breaks your heart to see the devastation. it does take a toll but you try and get res and power through. >> reporter: now they are off to -- off to the opposite of what they've been through a
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joyous wedding of one of dawn's cousins. when? >> tomorrow morning. >> reporter: what time? >> i'm not sure, i couldn't find the invitation because it is in my house with no power. so i'm praying she will tell me when i get there. >> reporter: i was touch and go for the wedding party whether they would get flights to get out here for this wedding. i just talked to san francisco international airport spokesman he says today for the first time since before sandy hit, all flights are getting out of sfo for those seven impacted airports in the northeast. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. you can help people affected by superstorm sandy text the words red cross to 9099 to donate $10 or call one eight huff red cross -- 1-800-red cross. at home oakland police offering a reward for help in
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finding the person who shot a store owner. >> reporter: the community is very upset about in death. have brought not only candles and flowers to his metropc store but made him a t-shirt and put it in the window rest in peace. they said he would give tickets to raiders games. they say they can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt him. ang -- she remembers getting her first pager from wilbur bartley. this morning she stopped by the scene of his death with nothing but nice things to say about oakland's latest murder victim. >> he was a lovely man. he never bothered nobody. i hope whoever did this, i hope somebody speak up and let them know, because he didn't deserve this at all. >> reporter: police say 50-year-old wilbur bartley was closing his shop last night
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when someone robbed him then shot him to death. >> he was a nice man. just minding his own business, pleasant with everyone. he's been doing business here for years. a nice guy. just doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: his death has caused outrage throughout the community around international boulevard. people say he was known to be very generous. >> people short on their phone bill he would let them slide, good guy. >> reporter: police spent the morning canvassing the area. they are finding people are willing to help with this case. >> i had the privilege of talking to some people last night in the community and i've heard wonderful things about mr. bartley. he is from what i hear a great person in the community. i'm very confident we can solve this case. >> reporter: police are still here on the scene. they are have been asking people in the area if they saw
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anything or know anything they are being guarded with what they have. they don't want to compromise the investigation so they haven't told us if they have video or description of the suspects but they are offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone can help them find the killer. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in los angeles, the university of southern california officials are reassuring parents the campus is safe after an overnight shooting left four injured two men are under arrest gunfire erupted in a packed halloween party last night it started as an argument between men and one pulled out a gun and started shooting, one man was critically wounded three bystanders were shot but they should be okay. san francisco police hope the public can help them find the arsonists who torched a muni bus. new video released shows two men throwing burning objects into the bus at third and
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market sunday night. one man throwing a flappable object then a second man adds -- flammable object then a second man adds more flames to the fire. police say finding them is top priority. mayor lee says it will cost a million dollars to replace the bus. right now thousands of register nurses in the east bay are on a one-day strike. the 3200 nurses work at seven hospitals managed by sutter health. it is the sixth in a series of strikes, the most recent was july 3rd. sutter health says the hospitals remain open and replacement nurses have been brought in. >> how was your drive this morning? >> kind of wet, foggy, misty. >> mike has the latest from live doppler >> good morning. santa clara valley, morgan hill, tenant avenue there green best radar return. radar showing decrease in
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tendancy and the rain is moving south, partial clearing for this afternoon, warmer weather on the way in the seven-day forecast. free help for bay area homeowners who are underwater it >> a look at how many attended yesterday's -- giants' celebration, record breaking day for one transit agency. we will buy memorable moments of yesterday's world series celebration. here are announcers john miller, dancing to gangnam-style.
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>> sandy may have stalled the presidential campaign but it is up and running again this morning. president obama told a wisconsin crowd that mitt romney is not the candidate for change he claims to be. the president says the economy is bunsing back and urged the crowd to give him four more years to finish the job he started in virginia mitt romney attacked the president's proposal to create a cabinet level of secretary of business. he said the nation doesn't mean a business secretary it needs a president who just understands business. new poll shows public support for governor brown's tax measure remains below 50%. the latest poll shows prop 30 as 48% support, 38% opposed the director of the poll says
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there appears to be enough to swing prop 30 to victor. governor brown is in san francisco today make a -- making a last minute push for prop 30 his second bay area visit in a week: if it looked like there were a million people at the giants victory parade that's there were. the city just released new crowd statistics more than a million people attended yesterday's parade honoring the giants' world series win. record number of people relied on bart to get there. officials say nearly 600,000 used bart clobbering the old record set during the last parade. with so many in one place, san francisco police say it made 22 arrests. 22 out of a million. >> we did pretty good. meteorologist mike nicco, i was driving home last night in the pouring rain my little trick-or-treaters got soaked. >> unfortunate the forecast
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came to fruition. >> you were right. >> so far i'm right about the clearing trend starting to develop as we look north from emeryville, we'll talk about how this will lead to fog and warmer than average temperatures through the first weekend in november. here's another memorable moment from yesterday's giants' victory parade. >> we are going to talk about two northern california residents who escaped with shark attacks. how they got away. here is another memorable moment from yesterday's giants' victory parade. look at that rolls-royce. manager bruce bochy and his wife were riding in, it ran out of gas. good samaritans helped push it to civic center plaza.
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thousands of bay area homeowners with mortgages they cannot afford can get free help today in san -- in san jose. people started lining up this morning.
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the neighborhood assistance corporation of america known as naca is hosting the event. bankers from all major lenders on hand. we have a -- what are you hoping for? >> i'm heaping to get what the rates are going for around threes which will help out a lot with my current mortgage. >> services include assisting with onsite home loans and free loan modifications. the event 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. runs through monday. two california surfers say she survived separate shark attacks by fighting back. one is scott stevens, now recovering after undergoing surgery to close a 14 inch bite wound he was surfing off the coast of eureka two days ago. the 25-year-old believes it was a great white this is what his board looked like after attack. >> it pinned me under and shook me, came out of nowhere
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and punched the shark on its head a cup of times until it released me -- head a couple of times until it release me. >> a punch also saved in woman she was attacked by a 12 -- by a tiger shark. she said martial arts training prepared her and she punched it twice. >> amazing to have the presence of mind to do that. meteorologist mike nicco you have your work cut out for you. interesting stuff still ahead even though most of the rain is over now. during the morning commute in fremont you can see the rain puddling, ponding, if you will in the parking lot there that's what we had to deal with. thankfully, this is behind us for the ease of your commute. clearing starting to develop as we look at -- looking from emeryville to the north you can see clearing slowly developing from the north down to the south. here's the way it looks over san francisco to the north
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from south beach you can see just well beyond the buildings, a little blue starting to show up. let's talk about what happened overnight by showing you the rain total 2/10 of an inch in fairfield, concord, fremont, third of an inch palo alto, san francisco, dublin nearly an inch in santa rosa, 15/100 san jose. looks like the forecast came close to fruition and the timing also was spot son hopefully that helped you yesterday with trick-or-treating and getting to work or school this . the system is falling apart as it -- it tries to push through stray shower possible south bay maybe for rest of afternoon better chance farther south even south of the monterey bay better chance of seeing a stray shower or two. temperatures started off mild this morning, upper 50s now upper 50s to mid 60s with the sunshine pushing napa up to 64°. low 60s around the monterey
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bay and inland even with all the cloud cover still under a southerly mild wind. by the afternoon, going to be partly sunny, tonight more clearing with all that moisture you know fog is going to form especially north bay valleys. that will be the trick for foam morning's commute bright and warm towards the weekend. there's the cold front bulk of the energy up to the north, front slowly moving through clearing tonight, next system going to come right at us with high clouds for tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sun won't get complete sunshine until the weekend. near 60 coast, mid 60s to near 70 the rest of us farther south better chance of stray storm. monterey bay temperatures in the low to mid 60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s inland. tonight 5 to 10° cooler than this morning, mid 40s to low 50s cooler tomorrow when you step out. tomorrow afternoon a couple
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degrees warmer than today, high clouds and sun. saturday through monday above average. don't forget to set your clocks back an hour check batteries in detectors and alarms. the lion king roars back in the bay area.
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following breaking news out of san mateo county where a body has washed ashore on miramar beach in half moon bay area. the sheriff's office says it appears to be the body of a man in his third tears the third body in 12 -- in his 30s. the third body in 12 days. we shift gears now and tell you the lion king is
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roaring back. >> don sanchez checks out what's hot. ♪ ♪ -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> that's going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> we want to remind you about our new alarm clock app download it for free. download it for free. >> have a great day! captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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